Marcin Wudarczyk



Mrs Thather is called an Iron Lady. Her style of ruling is the reason. She has been a first female Prime Minister for eleven years, in the one of toughest periods to imagine; she had to deal with the most difficult problems. She had to adjust herself to a male environment of politicians and columnist, and she was able to play a man's game, outwit men, and cause them to smile even when she ticked them off. She always maintained sheer forensic competence.

But on the other hand her style was built on domination, she was very assertive, overbearing leader, reluctant to loose an argument. Some of businessmen loathed her because she valued only potential of making money in men, they said she lacked compassion.

The truth is in the middle. It is the fact that she had to fight men to become a PM. It is possible that the only way to win is to behave like men, be dominant and self-confident all the time. Also it is true that she had to cope with wrecked economy, and she managed to heal it, better or worse. But the only one thing is certain - she will always stand out in the history of the twentieth century.

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