What a friend should be like.



In my opinion the most important thing in a real friendship is to trust each other. Not provided you trust a friend you cannot be sure of him, you canít know he wonít betray or be disloyal to you. Only basing on a trust you can build a good friendship.

Secondly, I think that friendship with a man, with who you share the same interests and fascinations, is more permanent than the one that bases on differences. When you have many things in common with your friend, you can meet him, talk or do things together, and no one gets bored, because you both enjoy it.

And finally, ďa friend in need is a friend indeedĒ, so itís substantial that you and your friend should help and support each other whenever one of you need it.

In my opinion the friendship is one of the most wonderful feelings and having friends is essential for living the life happily and completely.

Copyright ©2001 Marcin Wudarczyk