Marcin Wudarczyk

11 Kijowska st.

03-743 Warsaw

23 April 2001

Hello Sally!

How are you? I'm quite fine here. I think I got used to the new environment, new people, new school and living on my own, but at the beginning it was not easy.

I live now in small one-bedroom flat near the center of the town. The fee is relatively low as I have a bathroom with shower and a kitchen. Breakfasts and suppers I usually prepare myself, but dinner I have in bars or restaurants. My biggest problem is washing: I have no wash machine, so I have to use public laundry or go to my parents with dirty stuff.

The lectures are quite boring. Well, in compare to high school ones, they are very interesting (at last, I'm learning something that can be useful), but it's just you sit on the lecture and listen to the professor and slowly fall asleep waiting for him to finish. I think the learning process can be more attractive and fascinating than that. The classes are more absorbing and not so boring as lectures, but this mainly depends on the teacher - some of them can really get you attracted by the material and the way they present it.

Nevertheless, sometimes I feel lonely. Of course, I have friends here, and they are really great, but it's not the same as in the high school, when we were together all the time on all lessons. I miss that, because in my new school there are only few people that I meet on more than one lecture. I also miss my family, but I manage to visit them once, twice a month.

Remember to write me back as soon as you get this mail.


Marcin Wudarczyk

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