Marcin Wudarczyk

“Celebrity is someone who is known for being famous”, Studs Terkel

I think that above quotation is mostly true. Celebrities are created by big show business or media companies, there are not famous for being good at what they do. One can be a very talented singer or actor, but it is his agency that can make him known. Most of celebrities would never become famous if they were not promoted by theirs agency.

The main aim of agency is to make the people celebrate its client, because only in that case they want to pay for the possibility to hear, see or touch him. And when the people want to pay for it, then the agency makes a profit. The promotion of an individual seldom is based on his true image. Usually the advertising and promotion specialists change the appearance and presentation to be attractive and fulfill the expectations of the masses.

And when the agency is successful, when its star is showed on every billboard in the town, when everyone talk about him, the agency can make money everywhere: selling posters, souvenirs and gadgets with his picture, organizing fairs with its star giving autographs and many other. The examples of using fame to gain money exist everywhere in our everyday life. It is enough to turn on a TV and see a commercial with a celebrity, read a tabloid with photos taken by paparazzi, or enter a shop.

Nothing helps a successful promotion better than a scandal – a well-known saying in show business. This is the example of method the producers and agencies use to resurrect the attention to theirs stars. The whole show business and most of promotion schemes are based on such tricks to gain the interest of masses, and talents have least to do with being celebrated. It is the agencies that choose who will be known and fashionable this year, the people are manipulated to make maximum profit.

Indeed, the author of that quotation was right: celebrities are those, who are known for being famous.

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