E-mail: mar@mar.prv.pl

WWW: http://mar.prv.pl/

Marcin Wudarczyk

Age: 21, Bachelor


Since 2000              Warsaw School of Economics


Quantity Methods and Information Systems, second year

Since 1999              Warsaw University of Technology


Computer Science, third year

1995 – 1999              Czacki High School                                 Warsaw

Specialization: computer science

Work experience

2001/11 – 2001/12     Honeywell Inc.                                         Warsaw

§     Development of database application for managing orders and customers data in Visual Basic 6.0.

2001/09 – 2001/10     Polish Embassy in Germany                    Warsaw

§     Development of database application for managing book resources in C++Builder 5.0 and MS Access.

2001/07 – 2001/09     Domain Technologies, Inc.     Plano, Texas, USA

§     Summer job - Development of new cross-platform (Windows and Linux) user interface to external processors debugger.

Some of completed courses

WUT: Pascal, C, C++, Assembler, Algorithms and Data Structures, Database Systems, Operating Systems, Statistics, Individual and Group Project, Digital Systems Construction, Windows API, Computer Graphics

WSE: Micro- and macroeconomics,  economic geography, economic history, sociology, Econometrics

CHS: Pascal, C, C++, Delphi, Java, Linux, group project

Additional skills

Large experience in OOP in C++ (use of language for 6 years)

Good knowledge of Borland C++Builder, Kylix, CLX and VCL

Database programming (SQL, MS Access, Borland C++Builder)

Ability and will to learn fast and efficiently

Foreign languages

English (advanced level), Russian (intermediate level), German (basic level)

Other projects

2000 – 2003              Economic Simulation                C++, Corba, XML

Project of WSE Computer Science Student Association, its goal is to observe macroeconomic behavior stimulated by microeconomic simulation basing on humans managing companies via Internet in virtual country.

2000 – 2001              SecurityLib 1.0                 Borland C++Builder 4/5

Shareware module providing user based security with many options, groups, rights and parameters hierarchy, custom editors and more.


Sport, tourism, physics, psychology, books, movies