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Go jokes

Help desk jokes

A vectors' tale

Fun pictures


Here will be placed the best and the most funny jokes I will encounter, Of course, it is quite relative, which jokes are funny, so it is possible that you find them mediocre. Anyway, here it goes.

GO jokes

GO is a very old Chinese game, and I like it very much. In future you will be able to learn more about it from Interests page. For now, you have to wait patiently, or read couple of jokes I got from polish goists discussion list go-l. 

Help Desk jokes

Those I have chosen from some web site, unfortunately I forgot it's address, so I can't name it here. I tried to select the most funny stories from hunderds of them published on that site, see for yourself if I have done a good job.

A vectors' tale

This is a tale written by Micha³ Szurek. It is about three brothers - vectors, which weren't orthogonal to each other, and that left their home coordinate system because of their evil master Descriptor. And they had lot of exciting adventures. Polish only - I would have translated it, but I do not know mathematical english so well to do it.

The thing

Here is the link to thing I am not allowed to publish. It's copyrighted by somebody else, and I cannot publish it, but it really cool, and it's very hard for me to resist the temptation to show it to you. So I'm not publishing it here. (REMEMBER - by clicking the link you are breaking the law of Poland and international copyrights. You are forbidden to click the link. There is my private property, which I'm not allowed to publish, so if you click the link you will view the thing without my permission). 

Fun pictures

Here is a bunch of pictures I got from Danka. They are really cool, and I like them very much, especially the "'count the black dots" thing. Enjoy.

And this is an additional picture sent to me by Danka (click for full size):

good job 

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