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Economic geography



Computer Science




My education

On this page I will post all things that I have to do as far as education in both of my school is concerned. If you will find it useful, good for you. But do not publish it anywhere before you ask, but after you ask :). You can be pretty sure I will agree for publicizing my hard work.

High School

  • GAZ - Dobrodziejstwo czy ukryta bomba - this is the report about gas used to cook things and risk connected to using it. I've written it with my friend Filip Raciborski. It was created for PO classes. It is so old I forgot I've written it. Polish only. (Filip, I haven't asked you if I can publish it, but I assumed you have nothing against it. If you do, email me)

Economic geography

 Spatial differences in industry location in Italy - my paper on geography classes. I got 4.5 for this, and I'm quite proud of it (it's like B+). Polish only, but most of sources are in English. Or you can see a MS Word 2000 version or download it in rared form from Downloads page.


 History dates of main events  - my notes I used when preparing to exams to WSE. Polish only. MS Word version here, packed version here.

 Canada in the nineties - my paper for Economic History classes about the economy of Canada. Now it is finished. Click on the link for more info and online viewing.

 Sudan - internal conflicts - paper (in polish) for The Most Imporatnt Political Problems classes at the WSE. There is also Word version and rared Word version. It was written by me and Aneta - we got the 5 mark for this.

 Koran - paper for The World of Islam classes at WSE. Also written by me and Aneta and another 5 mark. You may prefer a Word  version or rared Word version.


Computer Science

 Project for Individual Project classes - this is simple not interactive game, it generates random map and a robot has to go through all checkpoints in specific order. Polish only, now finished. Also MS Word 2000 version available (or download zipped file here).

 My programs for Numerical Methods - many small programs, which I had to write for Numerical Methods classes. Mostly written in C++Builder 4/5 or Borland C++ 3.1. Each program has a report in polish:

·        Wielo0C - program which finds zeros of complex equations

·        Spline32 - program for interpolating any function with spline functions S3(D,2) (Win32)

·        Squares - program for calculating two-dimensional integrals of any function.

·        Approx - program which can approximate chosen function with Hermite orthogonal functions and splines.

·        Jacoby - calculates eigen values of custom symmetric matrixes with Jacoby's method (it was multi-threaded, and it work on my computer, but in school there was an right violation, so I changed it to single-threaded)

·        EulerDiffs - solves differential equations with Euler method. Sorry - documentation lost.

 You can download those programs (with documentation included) from here.

  • My program for Windows classes. It is a simple application displaying function charts, with many options, drag&drop and other. To compile, you will need my headers.

  • My programs for Computer Graphics classes:

    • GK1 (60KB) - Simple application to draw polygons. Written in MFC.

    • GK2 (200KB) - Application filling intersection of two polygons with a pattern. Parts in OCAML, rest in C++Builder

    • GK3 (50KB)- Application which applies graphic matrix filters to a bitmap. Needs file named img01.bmp in it's directory to run.

    • GK4 - Application displaying a 3D scene, consisting of spheres and cones.

    To run programs GK2-GK4 you will need C++Builder 5.0 run-time libraries: vcl50.bpl, cc3250mt.dll, borlndmm.dll. To compile them you will also need my packages and headers.

  • My programs for Unix classes, all in C++, source and makefiles:

    • crccheck - program that counts or checks crc codes of files in specified directories.
    • Dumb File Transfer Protocol - a iterative file server with use of asynchronouos input/output operations.
    • Kormunikator - Simple IRC-like client and server with channels and unicode support
    • Szachy - a draughts-playing program that plays over IP net with other instances. Employs alpha-beta algorithm and simple evaluation function
  • Java servlet application (2.7MB) - Corewars site with tournaments, warriors, Redcode interpreter, PostgreSQL database, and more. May be available also online here.
  • The Supermarket project for Group Database Project classes.

  • The answer to the first question from databases classes test. Full test is here.

  • Quick Tutorial of creating MS Access database - I have prepared it for for my presentation for English language classes. It is very short - 3 pages, it assumes that the reader has general knowledge of databases and wants to know how this is implemented under MS Access. It demonstrates adding tables, relations, forms and queries. Enjoy :)

  • My Programming Tips&Tricks page.




  • NADCI¦NIENIE TĘTNICZE - My mom's paper for specialization in general medicine. It's my mom's, not mine, although it is on my page. She has no web site yet, so I published it here. It's copyrighted (c) 2001 Alicja Wudarczyk. But it was mostly me who entered the text into computer:).
  • Toxical influence of hydrogen oxcides on the human - Mom's paper for specialization in industrial medicine. Polish only. Copyright (c) 2002 by Alicja Wudarczyk


  • Analysis of height and weight of sample from some population - analysis, which I had to do for my statistics classes. It is based on a random sample of students from one of polish universities. It graphically presents the data and runs various tests on it. Got the best mark for it (5.0 - A). Some of images may be corrupted - I don't know why. I will try to publish it in html version.


  •  Two homeworks from Communication in Business classes: Three Ways of Processing and the letter about how to communicate with person that has another type of communication.



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