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New articles:

Metaclasses in C++


This is new page. I will publish here my programs that are not a part of particular project.  

Tips & Tricks

On that page there is advice how to do interesting things, mainly in C++.


  • Wind - my GUI which looks like Windows95. Written in C++ for computer science classes in Czacki High School.

  • Biorhythms 4.0 - program for drawing biorhythms written in Wind GUI. It was written for computer science classes in my high school. You can also read documentation in polish.

  • Waves and Vibrations - small programs demonstrating physics things. Written in GUI.

  • NoNameLib - this is a template library whish provides many data structures and demonstrates what can be done with templates. All code was optimized both for execution speed and the universality and scalability of model. That means that the same structures implemented without templates would not be faster. The complexity is moved to compile-time. It has many leftovers from earlier versions of Borland C++ (esp. 3.1), but now some of the units only compile under the newest compilers (some of them are so complex they do not compile at all (I get compiler internal errors). Generally it compiles under g++, but sometimes there are internal errors, not everywhere the typename clauses are added, and sometimes there are run-time errors. Info file is here.

  • My headers and source files, which I use in most of my programming. If you want to compile some piece of my code, you should first download these.


  • My collection of packages, containing:

  • TMarDBGrid - descendant of TSMDBGrid with language strings in resources

  • MarFields package - descendants of field classes for making calculated fields modifiable and optionally buffer new values in memory

  • MarBDEFields - add numbered records support for BDE datasets

  • MarADOFields - make use of ADOs AbsolutePosition property

  • TState4CheckBox - checkbox which can have unchecked grayed value

  • TLineChart - draws a chart with a number of lines, auto scaling

  • TPaint3D - simple renderer of sets of triangles

You can download all packages in this file. To compile, you will also probably need my header files.


  • Datafile server - simple server that provides clients with one-table database with custom records. Communication may be done by named pipes, or message queues. Also interactive client is included. There are also rmc (Remote Method Call) classes.


Here are programs which I wrote in QBasic, QuickBasic and Turbo Basic when I was in 8th grade of primary school - I was approximately 14. I started to write programs earlier, but I had a ZX Spectrum computer before, and I have no time to transfer them to PC. I don't think you will find something very useful in this section, but those programs are of a big value to me - they remind me my first computer and the time I spent writing them.

All programs are with sources. All in polish. All are freewere, even if it is stated differently in documentation.

  • Biorhythms 3 (141KB) - a version of Biorhythms written in QBasic. Unfortunately, unfinished, but it had a great future then - it supported all graphic cards, and was to have many options. My biggest project in Basic.

  • Daty (56KB) - program for reminding about important cyclic dates, like birthdays, and other anniversaries. Also short help is available.

  • Równia (124KB) - a program I wrote for phisics classes at Czacki High School. It can read data through Centronics port from some special device, which senses the speed of some object. Then the data are transformed, and my program can present them i a pretty way. Many options available, and couple of sample data included to load and view.

  • Haszak (46KB)- HASłowe Zabezpieczenie Komputera - a small program for securing your computer with password. One of my first programs, so it is pretty old by now. You can view an overview.

  • Śnieg (40KB) - a simulation of snow on a monitor. It looks really pretty cool. It was supposed to be a screen saver for Dos Navigator.


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