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Small programs

Project downloads





All files are compressed in self-extracting archives.

Small programs/modules

More programs on the Programming  Page.

Project downloads

 The newest version of SecurityLib is available at More information in Projects section

 Murek (56kB) - simple clone of Arkanoid. More info here.

Biorhythms 4.0 (176kb) - program written in Wind GUI for drawing biorhythms for specified day. More info about the prog ram on projects page. English version with polish manual.

Waves and Vibrations - small programs demonstrating interference of two waves in one or two dimensions.






Numerical Methods programs:

Note: all of the download packages contain source files, a desciption in MS Word 97 format, and an *.exe file. They need VCL50.bpl (sometimes VCL40.bpl) in your dll search path.

  • SOR (60KB) program for solving matrix equations Ax=B with SOR method (DOS) (Polish) (No documentation).

  • Wielo0C (122KB)- program which finds zeros of complex equations. Does not require VCLxx.bpl

  • Spline32 (87KB)- program for interpolating any function with spline functions S3(D ,2) (Win32)

  • Squares (319KB)- program for calculating two-dimensional integrals of any function. Does not require VCLxx.bpl

  • Approx (150KB) - program which can approximate chosen function with Hermite orthogonal functions and splines.

  • Jacoby (62KB)- calculates eigen values of custom symmetric matrixes with Jacoby's method (it was multi-threaded, and it work on my computer, but in school there was an right violation, so I changed it to single-threaded)

  • EulerDiffs (40KB) - solves differential equations with Euler method

Computer Graphics programs:

  • GK1 (60KB) - Simple application to draw polygons. Written in MFC.

  • GK2 (200KB) - Application filling intersection of two polygons with a pattern. Parts in OCAML, rest in C++Builder

  • GK3 (50KB)- Application which applies graphic matrix filters to a bitmap. Needs file named img01.bmp in it's directory to run.

  • GK4 - Application displaying a 3D scene, consisting of spheres and cones.

Individual Project

  • PIdist (79KB). - partly written code for my project. This is the exebutable file and source code for the part responsible for displaying the objects on the map. 

  • The project (150KB) - compressed, in MS Word 2000 format, with all supplements. 



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