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Komiks z Dadudadkiem

English writings

Not mine arts


This is the page where I intend to publish things like pictures, or stories of mine, that have are not either my projects nor connected to education. Of course, I ain't any artist or something like that, so you should not expect anything good at all, but since I have the web site, I can publish my work. At the beginning there won't be many things here, but I hope it will expand during the time. 

Komiks z Dadudadkiem

This is the cartoon I've created for some polish magazine. Well, the magazine has limited readership, so it is not know widely, and there is targeted at very special audience, so probably most of you won't get many funny things, which were intended to be funny. It is, I guess, mostly a parody, a parody of super heroes from American cartoons, of scientists, family life, science-fiction and criminal movies. It sans as if the cartoon covered many topics and as if it was large, but I don't think it is. I mean, I don't want you to be disappointed. 

So, here goes nothing.

 My english classes writings

Sometimes I have to write short pieces for my lessons as a homework. The reason I put it here is that I put an effort to write it, so I want my work to be useful (or, at least, to have a potential of being useful, if I kept it on my computer only, no one would be able to see it). All writings are published as I wrote it, so you have to forgive me my mistakes in english language.

That's all for now, and I don't think there will be more soon, as I won't have any more writings in this semester. And I don't think I will publish my russian writings, either.

Not mine arts

The following things have been not created by me, but I liked it so much that I decided to post it here. For now, there is only one thing, this is ...

The rendered pictures

Those were just taken from GeForce 2 MX graphic card demonstrations programs. They were all live, and you were able to move some things and see the dynamic movement as you drag the mouse. It's really cool for me, because I have never before seen things like that. 

(Click the image to see full size picture)

This is the Lightning demo. It generates live lightings, flying sparks, and they all are reflected by the pipes. It looks great.

This is the metallic piece which reflects some house. It is dusted and it looks very real and you can move the piece so it distorts the image of house in different ways. And you can see the dust and shadings form it all the time.


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