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World Youth Days


In this place I want to describe interesting places Iíve seen or been to.

    World Youth Days 2000 in Rome

This was the first time I took part in such a event, and the first time I was in Rome so I have many things that I want to write, but have no time. I went there with group of Renewal Community from Santa Michael Church in Warsaw. I had a great time, the Rome is beautiful, and especially I liked the Forum Romanum, Panteon, and the oldest ruins of buildings and castles.

If I get access to the scanner, you may see some of pictures I made there. For now, you can some of them on Stan Findeisen web site. Also, more of them you can find at Jacinto website:  

Plano, Texas, USA

I'm here since July 2001. I've come for three months to work for Domain Technologies. You can find  photos on this galleries.


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