Programming tips and tricks

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Programming tips and tricks


On this page I will post the interesting things I've invented in the filed of programming. Now I program in C++ mainly, so most of them will be in this language. 

The reason I do think about such tricks is that I believe C++ is the most universal and powerful language at the time. And I believe that one can implement in C++ everything in a very polite and nice way. 

Those ideas and examples can be used by anyone and anywhere. There are not copyrighted or something.  But it would be nice if you made a notice in your code that the idea was taken from here.

At the beginning there will be not many things here, but I will try to widen it repetitively.

 C++ tips and tricks


  • What overloading of operator, (comma) can be used for
  • autopointers and autofunctions - how to implement __finally statements

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