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Delete this

Delete this

Is it legal to destroy yourself? Well, yes. Operator delete needs pointer to object, and  this is constant pointer to object. So the question is, whether it is nice to use this way of removing old objects?

Of course, there is no one answer to this problem. Some may say yes, and some might say no. Now, why some of programmers say it's a bad thing to do that?

Well, an object with this expression is similar to fire&forget air to air missiles. You can create new object, and you don't have to worry about nothing else, especially, remembering the pointer and removing the object. This is perfect tool for, i.e. popup window, which automatically removes itself after pressing OK button. 

But there are two problems that a programmer should be aware using this expression. The first thing is he can forget that those objects can be created only dynamically, and define automatic, static or global object. This will cause system to crash and the reason may hard to trace for someone who doesn't know or forgot about it. 

The second thing is what will happen in case of exception being raised? The object will stay and won't be cleaned up, even if it's logical context is gone. For example, if the object is to calculate a eigen values of matrix hold by another object, and the latter will be removed due to error, it will cause access violations, or in the best case, many unneeded calculations. The only solution to prevent leaving the object is cleaning using some lists. But this is uncool. 

Conclusion: use the expression only when you know what you are doing, keep in mind that you cannot create new objects statically, remember to tell about it anyone who will use your code, and use it only if the object has no particular external context.


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