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The paper

The authors

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The key economic-social problems of polish agriculture in years 1990-2000. Perspectives of development to the year 2010

The paper

This is paper, which we wrote for macroeconomics classes at WSE in 2002. I think it is quite interesting. As the matter of fact, I had the smallest part in the effort to write it. The biggest thanks goes to our friend in Ministry of Agriculture, who provided us with needed material. And then, the bulk of job was done by Adam, who've typed all those information to the computer. I only did some final corrections, formatting and printing, some additional charts and tables.

The authors

Well, that's we:

Adam Szczepanik

Marcin Wudarczyk

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

Get it

You can view a html version (300KB)created with MS Word 2000, but it is possible it will be converted badly. So there is also an original *.doc version (300KB). There is also a compressed Word version (80KB).

There is also PowerPoint presentation for the first part I created available. You can download *.ppt file (122KB) or view the presentation slides online. 


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