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General info

The project



Individual project

General info

This is a project for Warsaw University of Technology classes. The whole thing is first I write a project of some application, and then I get someone else's project to code.

All documents are in polish.

The application is a simple non-interactive game. There is a robot on a field. On the field there are also checkpoints, which robot is supposed to check in some specified order. The robot does not now the position of those points, but it can move and remember those locations. And that's the main problem in the application.

The project

I have prepared the project, which can be found here. You can also view it's MS Word 2000 version (805KB) or download a compressed version here.

There are also two supplements to the project, which I've prepared after I completed writing the project. Those are usually some spelling mistakes or small class hierarchy problems, which have arisen from changing the model in the time of writing. They are published in plain text format.

The implementation

I've partly written the code, it only displays the objects and allows robot to move using the keyboard. It should compile under Borland C++ 3.1 and Borland C++ 5.01. I haven't checked other compilers, but I guess all later should do. It is DOS text mode version, so it uses direct memory access for displaying. 

The compressed code with executable application is here.


Well, you send me any comments you want. The address is


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