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What is it?

This is project which we are to complete for Databases - Group project classes This is functional project - we write from the supermarket owner point of view. The project includes:

  • A list of user types that are recognized by the system, including their rights and functions in the system
  • Specification of data managed by the system
  • Description of whole functionality of the system, including user interface, reports, and many maore

We had to work hard to write it, and we think it's quite professional project, so we won't publish it all. Instead, there will be excerpts, that will help you to decide, if you like it and if it suites your needs. If you want it to be implemented, just let us know.

The authors

Well, that's we:

Darek Kieszkowski

Marcin Wudarczyk

We are both studying at WUT and WSE.

The project

Currently only the list of user types and their functions in the system is available. You can view it here. Its copyrighted (c) 2002 by Darek Kieszkowski and Marcin Wudarczyk.


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